November 2, 2021 City of Emeryville Special Election

Accessible Voting Locations

The Registrar of Voters will host an Accessible Location in Emeryville. 

Will be available to all City of Emeryville voters who drop off their Vote by Mail Ballot, vote in-person, need assistance, and who need to replace damaged or lost Vote by Mail Ballots.

Services Available:

  1. In-person Voting
  2. Vote by Mail Ballot Drive through Drop off
  3. Conditional Voter Registration
  4. Accessible Voting Machines
  5. Language Assistance
  6. Curbside Voting


Voting Safety Precautions

Sanitation Supplies

Disinfectant, Hand Sanitizer, Paper Towels for regular cleaning and disinfection

Personal Protective Equipment 

Face masks, gloves, and face shields

Social Distancing

Implement 6ft rule using signs. Increased amount of space needed.


List of locations is available at the AVL List page.